Bed Layering in Hot Climates

Even as autumn arrives and daytime highs drop into the brisk 90s, achieving a fashionable bedroom without roasting yourself can be tricky in this region. If Arizona’s extreme climate and record-setting heat waves are interfering with your precious sleep, you should rethink your bedding. Covers are easy enough to choose—all you need is breathable fabrics and […]

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Sleep better & mingle at Scottsdale Bedrooms

  RSVP to Join us for a special evening on Monday, October 2 from 5 to 9 pm. Dr. Ruchir Patel, founder and medical director of the Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona will give a short presentation on maximizing the benefits of sleep. Dr. Patel suffered from insomnia for three years and made the […]

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Style Tips for Luxurious Bedrooms

Every year, the same trends return in a new format, but this year’s fashions are breaking new ground instead. Surrealist décor, concrete walls, and custom wall treatments have brought something new to the design table, and they’ll turn your bedroom into a dreamscape. Technology has even more to offer, bringing an entirely new level of […]

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Store identity, purpose and mission statements

Scottsdale Bedrooms is a family business and our goal is simple – to help you sleep better.  Our specialties are luxury beds, luxury mattresses and natural mattresses.  We carry not only the best mattresses in the world, but also the best mattresses that we have been able to find at a variety of price points […]

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Cruelty-Free Animal Products in Mattresses

A cruelty-free existence is not always easy to achieve, but it needn’t involve eliminating animal-sourced products entirely. If you’re hunting for a bed, this becomes even more relevant because Mother Nature is better at comfort than mankind will ever be. If you’re searching for the kind of luxury that does no harm, Vispring is the […]

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