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Hästens will change the way you sleep forever with the finest beds, mattresses and bedding accessories in the world. Six generations of handcrafted beds made from ethically-sourced pure natural materials. It is our absolute conviction that a natural, luxurious Hästens mattress provides the deepest, healthiest and most profound sleep. When you invest in a Hästens bed, it is unlike any other bedding purchase you will make in your life. It is an investment in yourself.

Scottsdale Bedrooms is honored to be one of the nation’s newest Hästens dealers, and the exclusive retailer of Hästens in Arizona.

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Hästens Luxuria Mattress - Scottsdale Bedrooms

Hästens Luxuria is one of our newest continental beds, designed to take your sleeping comfort and well-being to the next level.


“Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, before Graham Bell made his first phone call and before Henry Ford put the world on wheels, my great-great-grandfather founded Hästens.”

- Jan Ryde, fifth generation owner and Executive Chairman

Hästens Mattress factory craftsmen at beginning of 1900s - Scottsdale Bedrooms

Master craftsmen in front of the Hästens factory at the beginning of the 1900s. The factory owner David Janson on the far left is the grandson of Master Saddler Pehr Adolf Janson and the grandfather of the current owner Jan Ryde.

With handcrafted beds, each tailored to your needs and preferences, perfect sleep is woven into the seams of our signature check along with our spirit of excellence. Since the mid-19th century, when Pehr Adolf Janson received his Master Saddler certificate from the King of Sweden, we have carefully maintained our tradition of master craftsmanship, and have proudly handed it down to each new generation of bed manufacturers.

Every Hästens mattress is built with pride and with an obsession for quality by skilled craftsmen in Köping, Sweden. Always with our finest natural materials, an eye for detail and a passionate devotion to give our products soul. This passion, dedication and pride live on in today’s craftsmen in the same way as when saddles and harnesses were made by hand over 160 years ago.


For decades, sleep has been undervalued. More and more people are beginning to understand that sleep is the world’s most powerful drug. It’s not just about rest. It’s about enhancing your physical and mental performance in a way that will change your life. People performing in the most competitive of environments, whatever they may be, are appreciating that sleep is a tool for achieving their goals, for fulfilling their dreams and being on top of their game.

Their word is spreading across the world, recognizing that sleep is a blessed state in which enzymes, proteins and hormones come together to restore, strengthen and rejuvenate the human brain and body. A paradigm shift is imminent, and it will change your view on sleep. You will no longer sleep just to be refreshed and alert. You will sleep to perform.

Woman sleeping on a Hästens Mattress - Scottsdale Bedrooms


What’s inside a Hästens bed?

What materials are inside a Hästens bed? - Scottsdale Bedrooms

Bed Models

Hästens Mattresses Model 2000T - Scottsdale Bedrooms


By Hästens

Hästens 2000T is a continental bed defined by its elegance and comfort. An impressive pliability comes from a unique layering method using our finest natural materials. Layers of horsehair are alternated with cotton and wool, allowing the horsehair to maintain its springiness and elasticity. The 2000T is engineered with two unique spring systems that work in conjunction with an underlying Bonnell spring system to ensure every part of your body gets the support it needs. The 2000T has a slightly firmer character yet remains gentle and pliable. Side stitching and distinct, classic piping on the mattress define the bed’s elegant shape, providing comfort and stability.

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Hästens Mattresses Proferia Model - Scottsdale Bedrooms


By Hästens

The Hästens Proferia is extremely well-balanced, with individual spring elasticity that makes your partner’s movements go unnoticed. The amazing surface softness and extreme pliability will make your sleep pleasurable and undisturbed. With the Proferia, we have taken the best of the basic techniques from Hästens 2000T, such as triple spring systems and our unique layering technique for the all-natural materials, to give you a deep sense of comfort. In addition, the mattress is stitched, by hand, around the sides for enhanced stability and relaxation. The Proferia gently carries your body with amazing surface softness, while providing steady support from deep below.

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Hästens Mattresses Aurora Model - Scottsdale Bedrooms


By Hästens

Inspired by the morning light, the Auroria is designed to give you truly beautiful mornings by improving your night’s sleep. This peaceful and candid continental bed has a slightly softer character owing to its highly pliable spring systems. It gives you amazing pressure relief in your upper body and hips. In spite of its softness, the Auroria also provides you with strong support while it gently rocks you to sleep. The mattress features side-stitching and a pliable pocket spring system with a layer of genuine horsehair on each side, as well as several soft layers of premium cotton and wool that together give the Auroria its exclusive stability and support.

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Hästens Mattresses Luxuria Model - Scottsdale Bedrooms


By Hästens

Hästens Luxuria is one of our newest continental beds, designed to take your sleeping comfort and well-being to the next level. It is defined by the grace of rounded, delicate shapes and a slightly firmer character in its support. In the Luxuria, you can actually feel how the bed immediately meets your body weight when you lie down. The firmer character comes from a Bonnell spring systems designed with a thicker thread dimension. Thick layers of cotton and wool close to your body provide the added dimension of softness to the supportive spring layer underneath.

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Hästens Classic Mattress


By Hästens

Hästens Classic is our take on what we feel a ‘bed for all’ should be. Stylish, comfortable, adaptable, supportive… made by hand. Quality in every detail and with an eye on price. It’s a bed that strikes the perfect balance among the classic hallmarks of a Hästens continental - the attention to detail, the craft, the construction and resulting sleep properties - without lifting the price skywards. Hästens Classic has layers of cotton, wool and flax, precisely distributed to give a supple surface feel that really lets you drop into its support. The Hästens horsehair top mattress provides that little extra initial spring.

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Hästens Lenoria Mattress


By Hästens

The elegant, adjustable Lenoria is one of our most comfortable continental beds. Engineered for an extraordinary experience, the Lenoria is the ultimate choice for reading newspapers in bed and enjoying complete relaxation and rejuvenating sleep. This bed brings great pliability and comfort with a softer character. The unique layering technique of our finest cotton, wool, flax and horsehair ensures a perfect bed climate. Lenoria also provides a stylish design that deploys our best technology, allowing you to adjust your bed with Bluetooth mobile access (Android and iOS). Hästens Lenoria is also equipped with the wall-hugger feature, a sliding back mechanism that maintains a constant distance between bed and wall when you adjust position.

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Hästens Superia Mattress


By Hästens

The Hästens Superia is our most sophisticated frame bed. Lying in this bed recalls the feeling of our continental beds, though with more direct pliability in a compact format. Wonderfully filled with layers of supporting natural materials, the Superia takes unstinting care of you. Thanks to double active spring system and optimized layers of horsehair, cotton, wool and flax, the bed is extremely pliable and follows the shape of your body.

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Scottsdale Bedrooms: Our Service

The process of choosing your dream bed should be relaxing and enjoyable. We are here to help and guide you along in the process. Our pledge is to serve you with patience, care and attention to help you find the special bed where you will spend a third of your life. Because the bed is the single most important piece of furniture you will ever purchase in your life, it is important to take the time to find the right one for you.

We are a no pressure store and will not rush your decision - you are welcome to make as many visits as necessary to ensure you are comfortable with your choice. Come with your partner or just come check out the Hästens beds for yourself, then bring your partner back to share in your discovery. King size mattresses can be made with either a single tension, or with different tensions on each side if you and your partner desire different tension options.

Our store is a family business and has been serving the valley for 20 years. We look forward to meeting you!

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