Legra by Open

Unlimited choices for your ideal comfort zone

Support your mattress and increase your comfort options with the Open Legra motorized adjustable slat base.

The Legra employs a unique double-curved slat design that allows the mattress to lie flatter, eliminating roll-off and increasing ventilation for a drier, healthier sleeping climate. Featuring quiet motors that can quickly adjust to create a whole range of sleeping and sitting options, the Open Legra comes complete with a back-lit, corded, programmable remote that stores your favorite sleeping and sitting positions.

The Legra slats are marked in the lumbar area for easy firmness adjustment, while the Upholstered Shoulder Zone automatically adjusts to any shoulder position. The patented “Free-Elec” feature ensures that the sleeping surface is free from electromagnetic fields and the easy emergency lowering feature allows the bed to lie flat in case of a power outage.

Open healthful sleep
Exclusively at Scottsdale Bedrooms

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Motorized adjustable slat base fits any frame or can stand alone

  • 4-Motor adjustable design offers ergonomic, individualized comfort
  • Shoulder Zone automatically supports the shoulder in any sleeping position
  • Lifts at head, back, leg, and feet
  • Corded back-lit remote control, with memory function
  • Solid beech-wood frame

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Sustainably harvested wood

Our wood is environmentally certified

Shoulder cushion

Can be flipped for different firmness options

Telescopic legs

Can be adjusted from 8" to 15” high