Spirit by Open

The Dictionary defines Spirit as – “The vital principle of conscious life in humans.” At Open, we believe that resting of the mind, body and spirit, is an essential part of a full life.

The Open Spirit is for those who favor a more substantial, denser-feeling mattress.

1,500 German micro coils over a base layer of nested, highly flexible Swedish coils create a firm, high-contour mattress. By combining the supple firmness of German top coils with the elasticity and flexibility of Swedish base coils, the Open Spirit mattress offers firm yet flexible support.

Thanks to a top layer of pre-compressed coils that flex independently to the shape of the body, the surface of the Open Spirit mattress conforms and contours to the body while remaining firm. Topped with natural latex cushioning, this creates a uniquely supportive, firm feel, free from the flat hardness and surface tension of most conventional mattresses.

We finish the Open Spirit with a breathable organic stretch-cotton cover, lined with wool to keep you cool and dry. In this mattress, you’ll discover a luxurious, firm feel that is supportive, comfortable and highly durable.

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A solid feel with superior contouring

  • Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel
  • Breathable wool-lined organic cotton cover for cool, dry sleep
  • Eco-positive components, built to last
  • Four firmnesses to choose from – dual-sided option for couples

Size Availability

Available in all standard sizes

Healthful Sleep

Components certified to be safe from harmful chemicals by Oeko-Tex 100

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Organic stretch-cotton cover

Open cotton is organic, pesticide-free and washed to remove any ultra-fine cotton dust, which can be a potential allergen.

Lined with Plein-Air Wool®

French for “out in the open,” Plein Air wool comes from sheep that live outdoors year ‘round. The resultant fibers are longer and curlier for a more luxurious feel.

Natural Talalay latex foam

Natural latex is more elastic, dense, resilient and durable than polyurethane foam. And in combination with stretch-cotton and wool, optimizes airflow allowing perspiration to evaporate, avoiding heat build-up.

Independent, pocketed steel coils

Our coils respond independently, are virtually motion-free, providing the best body mapping while minimizing crunching and squeaking noises.

Pre-compressed mini coils

Pre-compressed mini coils from Germany when combined with other structural components, cradle and support your weight while providing additional stabilizing contour.

Flexible Slat Base

Add to your Spirit mattress for the ultimate in support and comfort.