Trust by Open

You can trust Open to be there for you. Place your trust in us to create a natural and healthful sleep experience for you and your family.

A feeling of luxurious weightlessness

We start with a cover lining made from camel hair and wool that is quilted to an organic stretch-cotton cover. Then we combine three layers of coils with distinctively different pressure-deflecting characteristics; the result is the luxurious feel of the Open Trust mattress.

The top of the Trust mattress is a layer of Swedish micro coils. These coils have an unparalleled stretching ability, and when combined with soft natural Talalay latex, they gently contour and yield to your body’s curves. The middle layer is constructed of over 1,500 mini coils joined with yet another layer of latex that provides additional stabilizing contour. The base layer consists of nested coils that offer flexible support. All of this adds up to over 3,000 independent coils working in concert to create a supportive, responsive feel with outstanding surface comfort.

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Triple-coil design for luxurious feel and contour

  • Base layer of nested, highly flexible Swedish coils
  • Middle layer of over 1,500 mini coils with 1 inch of soft natural Talalay latex
  • Comfort layer of unique Swedish stretch pocket designed coils with 3⁄4 inch soft natural latex
  • Breathable organic stretch-cotton knit, quilted to a combination layer of wool and camel hair for exceptional sleep, climate control and comfort
  • Dual-sided firmness option for couples

Size Availability

Available in all standard sizes

Healthful Sleep

Components certified to be safe from harmful chemicals by Oeko-Tex 100

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Organic stretch-cotton cover

Open cotton is organic, pesticide-free and washed to remove any ultra-fine cotton dust, which can be a potential allergen.

Wool and Camel hair lining

These linings provide an optimal sleep-climate.

Natural Talalay latex foam

Natural latex is more elastic, dense, resilient and durable than polyurethane foam. And in combination with stretch-cotton and wool, optimizes airflow allowing perspiration to evaporate, avoiding heat build-up.

Independent, flexible, pocketed base coils

Our coils respond independently, are virtually motion-free, providing the best body mapping while minimizing crunching and squeaking noises.

Pre-compressed mini coils

Pre-compressed mini coils from Germany when combined with other structural components, cradle and support your weight while providing additional stabilizing contour.

Swedish stretch pocket surface

Swedish stretch pockets deliver superior surface comfort