Masterpiece Superb Mattress

by Vispring

Our highest quality Vispring mattress

The Masterpiece features two layers of nested springs; a hand teased filling of Real Shetland Wool, European long stranded horsetail, cashmere, alpaca, bamboo and cotton; and five rows of side stitching that will have taken six hours to sew by hand. The Masterpiece is shown with the Eccleston headboard. Divan and headboard are upholstered in Imperial Gold silk.

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Mattress Springs

Vanadium wire springs, 1.93 inches (49mm) diameter, sewn into individual calico pockets and hand formed into a honeycomb nested unit. Constructed with two layers of springs.

Mattress Border

9.8 inches (25cm) deep with five rows of genuine hand side stitching. Eight horizontal handles on Queen Size and above. Air vents on all sides. Border edges upholstered with coir and wool, finished with piped ticking.

Mattress Upholstery

Upholstered with 0.7 oz/ft2 (200gsm) cashmere, 0.7 oz/ft2 (200gsm) alpaca, 0.7 oz/ft2 (200gsm) bamboo, 3.0 oz/ft2 (900gsm) blended real Shetland fleece wool and cotton, 2.2 oz/ft2 (610gsm) hand opened and hand teased Mooseburger long stranded horsehair, 2.2 oz/ft2 (610gsm)real Sheland fleece wool overlaid with 3.9 oz/ft2 (1,200gsm) blended real Shetland fleece wool and cotton. Finished with a sensual silk Damask for the ultimate in luxury. Hand tufted with hand tied woolen tufts and twine.

Sleep in the most luxurious bed in the world
Exclusively at Scottsdale Bedrooms

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Take a look inside

The Masterpiece mattress features two layers of superbly responsive Vispring nested springs.

Masterpiece Superb Spring Count
Mattress Springs Sizes cm. Sizes in.
Cal King 3690 183x214 72x84
King 3572 193x202 76x79.5
Queen 2888 153x202 60x79.5
Double/Full 2310 135x190 54x74.5
Twin XL 1824 97x202 38x79.5
Twin 1680 97x190 38x74.5